Cantilever racks are designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads – ideal for timber or metal storage. Our cantilever rack systems are an effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions.

Ideal for long or awkward loads

Created from two columns of vertical beams and two or more horizontal beams cantilever racking is ideal for storing long items such as steel sections, wood and pipes. Furthermore access to every pallet at any time makes cantilever racking suitable for slow, medium or fast rotation. It is strong, cost effective and safe, ensuring even the heaviest of products are no issue.

Heavyweight storage

Cantilever racking solutions have carried in excess of 30 tonnes per upright. The robust design of steel cantilever racks delivers reliable storage solutions for heavy applications and arduous environments.

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Key Benefits

Cantilever racking maximises the usage of floor space and utilises vertical space. Each rack is designed to meet your specific needs based upon type, size and weight of product. This results in safe, neat and organised storage of a range of products.

Designed to handle demanding environments, knocks and bangs. State of the art computer technology is used in the design process to ensure not only safety, but improving the life of your racking.

With all products on show, cantilever allows easy picking ensuring that no time is wasted selecting the right product. Additionally there are fewer picking errors than bulk stacking methods.

Through using the vertical height of the building cantilever minimise space wasted, guaranteeing you are getting the most out of your warehouse.

Unsure of your racking requirements?

If you need help with your racking and warehouse design to better optimise your space, send us a message and we’ll contact you to guide through the process and recommend a few options.